Friday, December 26, 2008

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1495. These rule holders were designed primarily for patternmakers, toolmakers, and machinists. They hold the ruler in the upright position for use in transferring measurements with surface gauges, etc., they can also be used as a depth gauge.

From Dan Gaier's collection

1496. A tire pump, made to be clamped onto the running board when in use, patent number 1,191,510.

1497. A Dead On Annihilator demolition tool, with a hammer, nail puller/tile ripper, board straightener, demolition axe, wrench/nail puller, and chisel:

1498. Still don't know what this device was for, guesses include:
-a tensioner for wire spoke wheels
-part of the framework for the cover of a carriage
-tubing or metal rod bender
-part of a folding brace for an awning

Larger image

Larger image

1499. A bicycle lock:

1500. This was marked "grenade launcher", I've since found that it's a European racquet grenade that's missing the charge and the fuse, it was probably meant to be used with a trip wire to make a booby trap, but if a different type of fuse was attached the whole thing could have been thrown as a grenade.

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